Ukraine declared the West’s readiness to restrain Russia “from the offensive”

Ukraine declared the West’s readiness to restrain Russia “from the offensive”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba announced the West’s readiness to contain Russia “from the offensive”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said following talks in Washington and Brussels that Kiev’s partners are ready to restrain Russia “from an offensive” not only with words, but also with concrete actions.

Earlier, the Washington Post newspaper, citing sources, reported that a number of American and European officials are concerned about the alleged “resumption of the build-up of Russian troops” near the border with Ukraine. On November 2, Politico published “satellite images” which, he claims, show the deployment of Russian troops “on the border with Ukraine” – in the Smolensk region, which does not border on Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine subsequently announced that it did not record the facts of the build-up of Russian troops near its own borders. Later, US military spokesman John Kirby said the Pentagon continues to observe “disturbing movements” of Russian troops “near Ukraine.” The Mirror newspaper, citing sources, reported that Great Britain is ready to transfer up to 600 special forces soldiers to Ukraine due to fears of an allegedly impending Russian invasion.

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“I was in Washington, yesterday I returned from Brussels, we achieved the main thing – first, we mobilized international support … And second, unlike in spring, when partners were limited to words, now they are already working out concrete actions and steps in support of Ukraine and against the Russian Federation, which they will do in order to restrain the Russian Federation from the offensive … Statements are good, but the recipe for success is statements, sanctions and military support for Ukraine, “Kuleba said on the air of the” 1 + 1 “TV channel.

He believes that the deployment of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border was “not just an attempt to intimidate Ukraine.” “Because now the leadership of the Russian Federation has all the scenarios on the table and when in the spring they deployed all this military infrastructure along our border, it was not some kind of accident or an attempt to intimidate us. It was a concrete strengthening of the strategic positions of the RF Armed Forces along the Ukrainian border. should take this as seriously as possible, but there is no need to panic. Everyone is working, “the minister said.

Kuleba also said that the joint statement of the French and German foreign ministers following the results of the trilateral talks was “tough and clear in relation to the Russian Federation.”

Ukraine declared the West's readiness to restrain Russia from the offensive
Ukraine declared the West’s readiness to restrain Russia from the offensive

Kiev and Western states have recently expressed concern about the alleged intensification of “aggressive actions” by Russia near the borders of Ukraine. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Russia is moving troops within its territory and at its discretion. According to him, this does not threaten anyone and should not worry anyone.

Predictions from Kiev regarding the actions of the Russian Armed Forces, including allegedly planned attacks, have been sounding since 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin previously stated that the Russian Federation is not going to attack anyone. According to him, the Russian threat is “an invention of those who want to profit from their role as a vanguard in the fight against Russia, to receive some bonuses and preferences for this.” Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to the internal Ukrainian conflict and is interested in Kiev overcoming the political and economic crisis.

Source: BBC

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