NATO urged to send clear message to Russia over Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg called for a clear message to Russia over Ukraine

NATO will continue to monitor the situation on the borders of Ukraine with the Russian Federation, will continue to provide Kiev with political and practical support, said the Secretary General of the alliance Jens Stoltenberg before a joint meeting with the heads of the EU Defense Ministry.

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“We are closely observing the military strengthening of Russia, we observe an unusual concentration of forces near the borders of Ukraine, we have observed this before. Now it is important to send a clear message to Russia on the need to reduce tensions, show transparency and avoid any escalation around Ukraine and on its territory. NATO will continue to monitor the situation, provide political and practical support to Ukraine, “he said.В-НАТО-призвали-направить-четкое-послание-России-из-за-Украины.jpgВ-НАТО-призвали-направить-четкое-послание-России-из-за-Украины.jpg

Stoltenberg added that the alliance will also continue to support allied countries (Poland, Lithuania and Latvia), which are currently facing a migration crisis at the borders with Belarus.

Source: BBC

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