“Forced move”: an expert on the US refusal to recognize Taiwan’s independence

Wenshan: US refusal to recognize Taiwan’s independence as a forced move to avoid war

The United States has played all possible cards to undermine China’s growing power, the next step may be war, so Biden’s refusal to recognize Taiwan’s independence is a forced move, said Shandong University professor Jia Wenshan.

The virtual summit of the leaders of the PRC and the United States took place on Tuesday morning and lasted more than three hours, the leaders discussed the current state and further development of relations between the two countries, expressed their positions on the Taiwan issue and trade and economic cooperation, and exchanged views on international issues, including Iran. DPRK, Afghanistan and the pandemic.

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During the meeting, Biden noted that the US government adheres to a long-term and consistent policy of “one China”, does not support “Taiwan’s independence” and hopes that peace and stability will remain in the Taiwan Strait. In addition, Biden expressed his readiness to confirm that the United States does not seek to change the Chinese system, does not seek to strengthen alliances against it, and does not intend to enter into conflict with the PRC.

“After Biden took over as president of the United States, in relation to China, he, in fact, continued Trump’s policy – the trade war has not ended, the rivalry in the field of technology has only intensified. However, all this did not help to break China. Speculations on the topic of Xinjiang and Tibet also did not help achieve the desired result, since all the problems in these regions were invented by the American government, “Jia Wenshan said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Forced move an expert on the US refusal to recognize Taiwan's independence (2)
Forced move an expert on the US refusal to recognize Taiwan’s independence (2)

The expert stressed that at the moment the United States has already played all possible cards against China, including such a dangerous one as Taiwan. Further anti-Chinese actions could lead to a real war between the countries, so the suspension of this reckless competition has become a necessary measure, he said.

In addition, Biden’s authority began to decline, the likelihood that he will run for a second term is small, so he hopes to make his historical contribution to the country’s development while in power, Jia Wenshan said.

Source: BBC

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