“The Eternals” is a new attempt by the MCU to win worldwide distribution

Disney bosses dream of returning to the days when superhero movies beat box office records. But now, for the next continuation of the saga of people with supernormal abilities to recoup the cost of production, you need to be sophisticated. For example, making hybrid releases – when a $ 200 million movie comes out both on the wide screen and online.

And attract megastars like Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie. Producer-demiurge Kevin Feige also called Oscar winner Chloe Zhao – and launched her first large-budget project. What happened is in the material of RIA Novosti.

Ghostly Oncoming

If you do not dig into the details of the Cinematic Universe structure, then the point of the release of “The Eternals” is to somehow replace the “Avengers”, whose story arc ended in the previous phase of development on the beautiful and super-grossing film “Avengers: Endgame”.

The Eternals is a new attempt by the MCU to win worldwide distribution
The Eternals is a new attempt by the MCU to win worldwide distribution

Since then, the heroes have gradually crept into other episodes, and it’s time to introduce new ones. Kevin Feige, Marvel Cinema Lead, is putting on a big shot: adding a whole new team to the global storyline. True, in an unexpected way.

Here’s how it looks: first, in the manner of Kubrick’s “Space Odyssey”, a large geometric thing flies past the Sun, similar to a flat cardboard package.

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This is a ship from other worlds, from where immortal people with supernormal abilities come to the primitive Earth and begin to teach inept humanity all sorts of wisdom. Without third-party prompts, the number of homo sapiens, according to the version of the movie “The Eternals”, would not have thought of the wheel and other inventions.

Over the years, interplanetary enlighteners settled on Earth, conspirated and got used to us, the smaller brothers. One (Kumail Nanjiani) became a popular actor in Bollywood, the other (Gemma Chan) chose the path of a museum curator. They cleverly deceive society, since they do not age for centuries. And they gradually figure out why they were actually sent to Earth, which must be protected from immediate destruction.

Who made the cherished word out of ice

According to the general feeling from the picture, the director Chloe Zhao got somewhere in the wrong place – or just in vain picked up the phone at a certain moment. She is now about the most promising director in the world. For the third film – the independent and artistically expressive “Land of the Nomads” – she received several “Oscars”, including the main one, and the “Golden Lion” in Venice.

It is clear that her maneuver towards the highest-grossing franchise looks like an attempt to capitalize on success in time – and monetize it. It’s not a shame to make money, and Zhao had reasons: she hoped to shoot something that Marvel hadn’t done yet, for example, she added much more location filming. Whether she succeeded is a separate question.

The Eternals is a new attempt by the MCU to win worldwide distribution
The Eternals is a new attempt by the MCU to win worldwide distribution

In the name of Angelina Jolie, they also lure into the “Eternals”, but it is unlikely that she can write down this work as an asset. Her heroine is rather faded, not even a debut in the Disney clip, because Angelina played two parts of “Maleficent”, where the image is much more noticeable. And in general, it must be admitted that under the wing of Marvel, accomplished artists do not come to make history, but to give their careers a belated additional impetus. That Cumberbatch, that Jolie, although she was never famous for incredible acting transformations.

Of all the artists in the project, Barry Keoghan is the most noticeable – however, he has a very small role as the Eternal, who controls the mind. This striking actor with a plight of fate previously drew single-handedly “Killing a Sacred Deer” and played the brightest episode in “The Legend of the Green Knight.”


Now about the sad things. Neither Barry Keoghan, nor numerous field shots, where decent actors stand in ridiculous costumes against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes – nothing saved “The Eternals” from defeat. The first Marvel film to receive negative rather than positive reviews from critics, which usually Marvel and Disney readily over-praise. Tactical and strategic mistake – no more, no less.

First of all, the anti-scientific picture of the world, which is being imposed on us, is outraged. Previously, the mainstream superhero did not pretend to anything special, only entertained, and now it claims that the history of mankind is not at all what it seemed to us.
This conspiracy alternative is even ironically awkward to watch. In terms of the degree of insanity, it resembles those videos that are shown to adherents of Scientologists who have reached a certain level.

The Eternals is a new attempt by the MCU to win worldwide distribution
The Eternals is a new attempt by the MCU to win worldwide distribution

The film is monstrously drawn out – “The Eternals” really do last forever, almost two hours and forty minutes. In theory, this should have been justified by the fact that there are a lot of new characters in the picture. But, in fact, we do not even have time to confidently learn their names – the differences between immortals are not obvious.

It was important for Zhao to show a bed scene within the conservative MCU – but what didn’t we see there? And a deaf character named Makkari (she runs really fast, kind of like the Flash from DC), played in sign language by Lauren Ridloff (The Walking Dead), who really hasn’t heard anything since birth.

Inclusion is a tremendous opportunity in itself. Thanks to this To this newfangled and humanistic trend, filmmakers tell stories that, perhaps, they would not have gotten to. But it’s very interesting to understand how people live with whom we rarely meet, whose needs and passions we don’t know, it helps us all to unite as a society.

But there is nothing hidden behind local inclusion: yes, sometimes someone speaks with gestures, they translate it with subtitles – that’s all. You can’t be happy for Ridloff, she doesn’t have very many roles, and it’s good that she found a job, but in this case she was insolently used.

The third Marvel movie in a year (there was also “Black Widow” and “Shang-Chi”) – and the third time without planetary success. Maybe cinema really has changed forever and now large-scale universes are not needed by anyone outside of the series. Or maybe this is all temporary and Marvel will surprise us again one day (which would be, of course, incredible, because “The Eternals” is the 26th release, it is too late to unfold). But not at this time.

Source: BBC

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