Bitcoin price has renewed its all-time high

The price of bitcoin has renewed its historical maximum, breaking the mark of 69 thousand dollars

The value of bitcoin on Wednesday again reached a record value, reaching $ 69 thousand, according to trading data.

On the Binance exchange, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, as of 17.42 Moscow time, bitcoin has risen in price by 0.62% over the past day – up to 68.32 thousand dollars, and minutes earlier it reached a historic maximum of 69 thousand dollars.

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In parallel with the rise in the value of bitcoin, there is an increase in the dollar rate and the price of gold. Investors estimate data from the United States, where annual inflation reached its highest level since November 1990 at 6.2% in October.

At the end of October, the price of bitcoin reached a historic high of 67 thousand dollars for the first time since April, when its value was 64.85 thousand. On Tuesday, bitcoin rose to a record value of 67.5 thousand dollars, and earlier on Wednesday crossed the mark of 68 thousand.

Bitcoin price has renewed its all-time high
Bitcoin price has renewed its all-time high

Bitcoin rises in price for the second month in a row, and in October, the cryptocurrency rose in price by about 40%, to 61.3 thousand dollars from 43.82 thousand. In September, bitcoin fell slightly after two months of strong growth in July and August – a total of almost 35%.

After reaching the April record, bitcoin could not gain a foothold at this level, and in May the cryptocurrency lost almost a third of its value, then its price fell to 37.3 thousand dollars from 57.7 thousand. Bitcoin returned to the mark of 60 thousand dollars only in mid-October.

Source: BBC

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