Tom Hardy told in an interview how Venom changed in the second film

Tom Hardy told in an interview how Venom changed in the second film

British actor Tom Hardy has once again played Venom, one of the most controversial characters in the Marvel Universe. According to the plot of the first film, journalist Eddie Brock was possessed by an alien Venom, who possesses superpower and a peculiar sense of humor. In the second part, directed by Andy Serkis, Brock and Venom will have to face the serial killer Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson), who turned into a supervillain named Carnage.
Before the release of Venom-2, Tom Hardy told RIA Novosti about Eddie and Venom’s “bromance”, why they sometimes resemble an old married couple, and whether the film needs a classic love line, which is why Brock is not loves Peter Parker and how to live in the era of fake news.

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When we talked before the release of the first “Venom”, you said that your hero is a bad guy with good character traits. Did you understand him better by the second picture?

Good question! But my answer will be subjective. Because my relationship with Venom is my personal experience of interacting with this character while working on the role. I judge by the internal dialogues I had with him and our skirmishes.

Tom Hardy told in an interview how Venom changed in the second film (2)
Tom Hardy told in an interview how Venom changed in the second film (2)

It’s one thing to prepare for the first picture, study comics and various other materials. And work on the second part is completely different.
I feel like we have a closer and warmer relationship with Venom. I personally enjoyed interacting with him and Eddie as characters.

How does Venom change in the new film?

The second picture will allow the viewer to literally plunge into the Venom universe. We show what it means to live side by side with an alien.

In the first part, Eddie thought he had some unknown tropical disease, and – what a relief! – it turned out that this is just an alien who possessed him.
This is incredible! Now Eddie is learning to coexist with Venom and to deal with all earthly affairs, without attracting too much attention to himself. A newcomer cannot just walk around the city, hang out and shop. Plus, this is not a small alien with a big ego and a desire to socialize.

It sounds, in fact, not easy.
Yes, and in the end, Venom becomes Eddie’s hostage – and vice versa. They get on each other’s nerves, they don’t always respect each other. Think: Eddie can’t even go to the toilet normally, because he doesn’t know how much Venom will invade his personal space at that moment. Unsurprisingly, he suffers from anxiety and does not feel safe.
And Venom is also vain in a sense.
Exactly! He would not refuse to become famous, to be in the light of spotlights. For Eddie, of course, this is a so-so prospect – to be in the shadow of an alien, to hold back and not to shine.

As a result, they become like long-married spouses who live in a small space, toil from everyday problems and constantly bicker with each other. So it’s only a matter of time before one of them explodes.
Their relationship is a real “bromance”. Does the picture need a classic love line in this case?
I guess Eddie can’t have any relationship with anyone as long as he’s connected to Venom. In addition, Annie himself is attracted to the alien (Eddie’s lawyer and fiancĂ©e in the first film, played by Michelle Williams. – Ed.). One of the three must be eliminated. But who? Annie, Venom or Eddie? Someone has to give in.

Tom Hardy told in an interview how Venom changed in the second film (3)
Tom Hardy told in an interview how Venom changed in the second film (3)

But it turns out an excellent and not boring drama at all.
Yes, and I like it too. Eddie is, as it were, absorbed by Venom, he cannot be with Annie the way he used to. And this is the tragedy of their relationship. Let them be separated by an alien, there is something human in this situation.
We live in an era of fake news and double standards. With such “help” in the person of Venom, is it easier for Eddie to survive in our world and tell the truth in reports?

I think in the comics Eddie is blamed for not using his power properly, if you can call it that. Suffice it to recall the story with Spider-Man, why Eddie hates Peter Parker so much (in the comics Brock wrote a series of articles accusing the wrong person of killing the wrong person, and Parker exposes the real villain. – Ed.).

Brock was narcissistic. The search for the truth is hampered by his ego, ambition, fears. And Venom often has a dilemma – what is right and what is not, he has a developed sense of justice. As ironic as it sounds. So finding a balance is not easy.
For me personally, this is very interesting: a superhero story with cool characters and symbolism. The end result is an entertaining story, but with meaning.
The film “Venom-2” will be released on September 30th.

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