Barcelona are like Spartak: the club is disgraced without hope of salvation

Barcelona are like Spartak: the club is disgraced without hope of salvation

Barcelona flew big against Benfica and suffered their second defeat in the group stage of the Champions League. The statistics of the Catalans are terrifying: the last place in the group, zero points scored, zero goals scored and six conceded, zero shots on target in two matches and a huge risk of not making it to the playoffs of the main club tournament of the continent for the first time in 21 years.
If you look at the overall results of the blue garnet this season, then everything is much sadder. In the last five matches, the club have won only one victory over the modest “Levante”, which flounders at the bottom of La Liga.
Koeman begins to become hysterical. Nothing else is left for him
Naturally, all the talk is now about the role of Ronald Koeman. Many are demanding his early resignation. Even his footballers are asked such questions. The Dutchman himself is in no hurry to leave the post and refuses to say that everything depends on the club, and not on it. But Ronald’s nerves can no longer stand it. During communication with journalists, he breaks down more and more often, and formally ignored one of the last press conferences. Koeman recently went out to journalists, eager to overwhelm the coach with more questions about leaving, and simply read out a prepared statement.

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“The club is in the recovery stage. The results are related to financial circumstances. The team needs to be rebuilt without the opportunity to make large investments, and this takes time. Our youth may reach the top level in a few years, our talents have the same opportunities as they had Xavi and Iniesta. But you need to be patient. It will be a success if we end the season in high positions in La Liga, do not expect miracles in the Champions League. Just support us in this difficult time and the process that is taking place at the club. Long live Barça “, – the Dutchman read out monotonously and left without coordinating this performance with the leadership of” blaugrana “.

But where are the club bosses looking? Are they satisfied with the coach’s work and behavior?
The Spanish media have already named the names of Kuman’s possible replacements. The choice is small: Roberto Martinez, Xavi and even Thierry Henry with Andrea Pirlo. Sounds unconvincing. And the Barcelona leadership has at least three reasons to continue working with the Dutchman.

Barcelona are like Spartak the club is disgraced without hope of salvation
Barcelona are like Spartak the club is disgraced without hope of salvation

First, as already noted, it is extremely difficult to find a sensible replacement for him now. Appointing the same Martinez or Xavi means exchanging an awl for soap. In the absence of at least some guarantees to improve the gameplay, it would be pointless to carry out such a rotation.
Secondly, this is hindered by the financial hole in which Barcelona found itself. The club has already lost its main star Lionel Messi due to multimillion-dollar debts and large investment losses, which can only be called a tragedy. Having fired Kuman, you will also have to fork out: almost 15 million euros will be spent on compensation to the Dutchman. Theoretically, Catalans can afford such expenses, but why do they need new financial and image losses?

Finally, club managers can still use Kuman as a shield. It is he who takes all the criticism. No matter how cynical it may sound, Ronald is doing his work a favor to the leadership of Barça, whose problems and miscalculations are not paid due attention.
And there are a lot of problems. Nobody is afraid of Barcelona anymore
More recently, “Barcelona” instilled fear throughout Europe. The style of the Catalans was the most recognizable and even unique. To become a rival to “blaugran” meant already to accept defeat and to devote everything – including supernatural forces – for salvation. Now the team has neither style nor the status of a formidable opponent. The conditional “Granada” enters the field against “Barcelona” with the thought of winning.
Very similar to “Spartacus”, is not it? Muscovites really wanted to be like Barcelona. It turned out a little differently: the Catalans slipped to the level of red and white. Do not change how many coaches, but as long as the system is built equally badly, success is not to be expected.

The Catalans sank to this bottom not rapidly, but systematically. The personal ambitions of some managers and the lust for profit in the name of the great club turned out to be above the traditions and goals of the team. Josep Bartomeu to the last held on to his presidential throne and for the sake of its preservation went to colossal image and financial losses for “Barcelona”. Joan Laporta has already pulled the club out of the hole, but with such a legacy of the past leadership, the new head of “blaugrana” will suffer for a very long time. Apparently, we really only need to be patient and get used to the upcoming participation of “Barcelona” in the Europa League for a while.

Source: Al Jazeera website

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