Police use tear gas on protesters in Nice

Police use tear gas on protesters in Nice

Nice Mateen: Nice police use tear gas on protesters outside the city hall

Police in the French city of Nice fired tear gas on protesters against the health measures of protesters who tried to hold a demonstration outside the home of the city’s mayor, Christian Estrosi, according to the local newspaper Nice Matin.
The newspaper reported that “the police threw tear gas at several people when they wanted to organize a demonstration outside the windows of Christian Estrosi’s house as part of a demonstration against the sewers on Saturday in Nice.”

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Estrosi responded to the protesters’ actions via his Twitter page. He stated that he would not make any threats “for the benefit of all the people of Nice,” and thanked the police for protecting his family.
The mayor wrote: “As a government official, I am used to provocative disagreements and this is part of my responsibilities. The attack on my family’s home is indescribable and demonstrates the brutality of those who claim to defend a just cause. ” …

Police use tear gas on protesters in Nice
Police use tear gas on protesters in Nice

Earlier on Saturday, it was reported about another mass action against the sanitary corridors – the eleventh in a row – in Paris, and in general, these actions were against the decision of the authorities to extend the practice of using sanitary permits in France by about three months. Their number is gradually decreasing.
From August 9, France requires medical permits to visit cafes, restaurants and large shopping centers, as well as travel by air and on long-distance trains. The document assumes the passage of a full course of vaccination against COVID-19, the presence of a negative test for coronavirus infection or confirmation of the previous disease.

Source: Al-Arabiya website

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